Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tips for Coupon Use

  • Create a free e-mail account for newsletters and access to free coupons. 
    (No junk mail at home e-mail this way)
  • Print any coupon you could possibly use.  Keep in a binder that zips up.  I used one of my son's old ones from school.  Get those plastic sleeve holders for baseball cards, etc. and put in your binder.  Again, I looked around and we already had lot's of extras of these too.  Place the plastic sleeves in the binder and all you have to do is slip your coupons in the holders and put them together by sections with dividers like the store is laid out.  Now it's easy to look through at the first of the month and pull out expired coupons too.  No more searching through the check file/coupon holders and killing your neck.  
  • As you shop, you can flip to the section of coupons that you are shopping in and glance down to see if you have coupons for any of the items.  It really makes the process much easier. 
    Leave coupons in car so you’ll always have them.
  • Check coupons weekly.  I print on Sunday night/Monday.  Later in week popular coupons have reached their manufacture print limit.
  • The best coupons are usually for an amt. off 1 item purchased.
  • Watch cycle of sale items.  Most sales are at a 12 week cycle.  When items are lowest price, use coupons if you have them and buy enough for 12 weeks, so you won’t pay full price later.  Some items are just on sale seasonally like barbecue sauce.  Since it can be expensive to stock up all at once, begin with just a few extra items at a time. 
  • The goal is to buy the items you already purchase at the lowest sale price with a coupon, maximizing your savings.  Some items just don’t have coupons for them, but my thought process is this…if I can save money on the things we have to have, then I have more money for the things we want to have.
  • Check clearance and marked down items- use coupons and many times get them free.  Remember, if you don’t use the item, maybe it can be donated to a Church food pantry. 
  • Understand coupons- some places don’t take coupons printed from internet, so ask.  Ask their policies- my store says 1 coupon per item.  If I have a coupon for 1.00 of 2 boxes of cereal, then that’s all I can use for those 2 boxes.  I cannot use another coupon for the 2nd box. 
  • Can load coupons onto your Kroger card at both these sites.  I load coupons each week and print the list from which is by sections so you can easily see what you have coupons on.  My Kroger allows you to use both the digital coupons on the card with a paper coupon, but they are saying this may change, so ask at your customer service desk if you are allowed to use both on an item.  The savings is tremendous even free sometimes when you can.

  • Register and sign up for everything Kroger wants to send you through mail & e-mail, because they will send you coupons based on your spending, which means free eggs, cereal and other things as well as great coupons on things you normally buy. 
Major coupon sites which prints coupons like you see in the newspaper:

This is a great website with links to other coupon sites and great tips on saving big!  Many of the things I’ve learned I have learned here!  She is an expert!

  • Look in your cabinets and make a general list of items you use all the time: Shampoo, Deodorant, mac-n-cheese, chicken soup, etc. Find the manufacturers name and their website.  Bookmark this site, check often for promotions/coupons.
  • Watch the sales & regular price and jot down the lowest price you’ve seen on these items.   This is your target price and use a coupon too!

  • I am certainly no expert and I'm sure many of you have even better tips, so please share them and we'll all learn together! 
  • I am not endorsing any of the products from the sites listed, but giving an example of manufacture sites which offer specials that you might find helpful.
  • Enjoy saving using coupons!

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  1. I certainly like the "IDEA" of coupons but I am clueless about making it work for me. It sure is interesting though