Monday, January 24, 2011

Friends are Blessings

Welcome to all my new followers!  I consider you all blessings!  

I would also like to say thank you to Ellen (aka The Card Monkey)   for hosting the Valentines Day card blog hop!  There were wonderful blogs with talented ladies and great ideas!  
Good job to everyone!

Do you ever get stopped in the middle of a hectic day when everything around you is going wrong and something that would seem small and trivial any other day all of a sudden seems like a wonderful timely blessing and it just makes all the junk you've been through during the day seem a little less important?

I've had some of these bright spots lately at the most inopportune times.  That's when we look up and say, thanks for the blessings!  There is certainly good in each day although, some days we have to look harder than others to see it.  So, the next time you are having...One of Those Days and You Know What I Mean because  We All Have Them, then take a break even if you have to sit in the kitchen floor and cry first...then look around and find the bright spot and say thank you to God for the blessings!   

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  1. So true! There is always a bright spot in the middle of the storm. When we learn to Praise the Lord in the middle of the storm the storm becomes a blessings. If we could only look past the situation, but we are human and that is why we need a savior. Blessings and I so enjoy your positive words.