Monday, August 30, 2010

I am somebody

My 12 year old son is beginning to write poetry in school.  They used an example of describing themselves with imagery called I am somebody and wrote a poem about themselves.

I wanted to share his first official poem.  He is such a joy and it is wonderful to see him growing and learning.  He is very excited to begin expressing himself in writing on the school's blog.  I have a vision in my mind of one day a young man walking across a stage and walking into a new life full of hope and promise.  Thank you God for my son and all the adventures we have together!  He is awesome!

I am somebody

I am the eagle soaring above the sky searching for things unknown;

I am the color green wise and strong;

I am the smell of water in the air, after it rains; the cool calming smell;

I am the wind silent but present and able to storm in a second;

I am the sound of the rain hitting the leaves and dropping to the ground;

I am the taste of the orange bursting with many unique tastes;

I am the texture of running water refreshing and cold;

I am the son of West Virginia wild and wonderful;

I am the dream of a teacher passing on knowledge they have learned;

I am somebody!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Household Tip #1

While working around the house this week, I found myself using small little tricks that save time and money.  Many things I picked up from reading articles, heard from others looking to make their household run more smoothly and some I guess I just tried and they worked.  Understanding that everyone needs more time and money, I thought I would write a series of tips that can be integrated into your household routine.

Household Tip #1

Loading & Unloading the Dishwasher
It's a simple task, but takes time to unload, especially sorting the silverware.

Here's a tip to make the unloading a snap.  When you load the silverware, allow one compartment for each type of silverware.  One section for for for knives, etc.  This allows you to easily grab the whole bunch when they are dry and just throw them in their compartment in the drawer.  It really does save you from standing there sorting and placing each one in a slot in the drawer.  

This may be a tip you've already put into practice, if not try it and spend that extra time doing something fun!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Things You Shouldn't Have to Say!!!

While doing the laundry today, I found something that I knew had a story to tell.  Everything was quite normal for a few loads, including loose change, straw papers, etc.  On the last load of the day I put my hand in a pair of jean shorts and thought I got everything out, but something felt lumpy in the bottom of the pocket.  After closer scrutiny I found indeed there was something lodged in the bottom.  Turning the pants inside out and pulling & tugging for a few minutes, I discovered our dear friend GUM making a lump of a mess sticking two sides of the pocket together.  

There was no doubt who did it, because the shorts only fit one person in the family.  I pulled and pulled and got the most of it out and thought so it's gum...not really that big of a deal.  About that time my 12 yr. old son, a.k.a. the gum culprit hollered for me.  With a sly smile on my face I showed him the gummy pocket.  He quickly said, "It's not my fault told me to do it.  Remember, we were at Church and I asked you what to do with it and you said...put it in your pocket." parents we remember conversations that we have with our children, but we seem to remember them different than our children.  I recall this conversation in the middle of the choir singing and my trying to pay attention and hearing...Psst...Mom, what should I do with this?    I responded the way I've responded for 12 years...put it in your pocket.  Don't we all have them save the gum wrapper beside them just for this purpose?  

The upbringing of 12 years faded away from my son on that day.  He looked at me and said, are you sure you want me to put this in my pocket?  With a bewildered look on my face during the music I nodded my head and whispered yes...put it in your pocket.  He replied, Okay here it goes.  

None of that conversation made sense to me, until today doing laundry.  He took his gum without the wrapper and put it in his pocket just like his dear old Mom told him to.  I thought to myself...there are things you shouldn't have to say!  I didn't know I needed to say for 12 years...take the gum from your mouth and place it in the gum wrapper...fold the wrapper over the the wrapped gum in your pocket.  

Who knew?  There are things you shouldn't have to say!  I hope this gives you a is never dull and always fun when you greet it with a smile & a sense of humor!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Paper Cutz Challenge #54

For challenge # 54, make a card, LO or craft project
for "Back to School", using any colors you'd like.

Back to School means early bedtimes and early mornings,
but it also means learning new things. 
Once when my son was younger and entered a new grade,
he got so excited and said..."Mom, the possibilities are endless!" 
If we all lived with that kind of excitement imagine
how our lives would be different. 

You may not have someone in your home going back to school 
or you may understand my pain of facing early bedtime
and early mornings, but greet this back to school
season as a chance to learn new things
and remember the possibilities are endless!

Cricut Cardz Challenge # 37

For challenge #37, make a card with any cartridges or
theme you'd like, using orange, yellow, blue,
black and white ONLY.

 Easel Card for any occasion!
Used Doodlecharms & Lyrical Letters Cricut Cartridges
White & Yellow Glitter Cardstock
Orange, Blue & Black Foil Cardstock
Flower Brads

God Be With You!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fantabulous Cricut Challenge #23

The Great Outdoors
Create a project with an outdoor activity…
camping, fishing, swimming etc. and as always
there needs to be an image cut using your Cricut on your project.

Paper Doll Dress Up

Storybook & Winter Frolic

Hooked on Fishing

There are many simple joys in life....
fishing is one of them!

The Bible teaches that even if no one has told us about God,
that nature itself shows there is a God.
When you are out fishing and look around during the
quiet serene setting, remember to look to God
and make Him apart of your life!

My husband & son recently took a camping trip,
so of course, I am scrapbooking the event!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

School is Coming!

A good teacher is like a candle---
it consumes itself to light the way for others. 
Author Unknown

School is coming whether we are ready to give up summer or not.  Teacher's have the task of not only teaching reading, writing and arithmetic, but molding student's lives to reach their full potential.  Praise the good teachers for a job well done and pray for those struggling this year.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quote for the Day

"Happiness if found along the way---
not at the end of the road."
Sol Gordon

The next time you catch yourself saying, boy I just can't wait until this is over or how much longer is this going to last...
remember happiness can be found even in the
hardest circumstances and can last throughout the journey!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fantabulous Cricut Challenge #21 and Paper Playtime Challenge #11

Fantabulous Cricut Challenge #21
National "Smile" Week
Create a project and include the word “Smile”


Paper Playtime Challenge #11 - School Days
Submit any new Paper Project for Challenges:  Card, Envelope,
Tag, Box, Gift Bag, 3-D Object, Mini Album, Scrapbook Layout,
etc. inspired by this theme. 
Keeping with the SCHOOL DAYS THEME I created a back to school
layout with a notebook paper side and backpack die cuts from Doodlecharms. 
Making a notepad gives the perfect opportunity to journal about the first day of school.
Adhesive ribbons and twine give the perfect accent.

After such a wonderful summer with God's
blessings I know there will be smiles
on the first day of school!

The word smile was cut from Lyrical Letters,
which is one of my favorite cartridges for
scrapbooking and card making because of its versatility

 The bright yellow and school themed layout was personalized
and ready for a picture of all smiles on the first day!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Phone Calls

Have you ever wondered how many times your home phone or cell phone rings in a month's time?'s hard to count that high!  Are the majority of those calls dire emergencies or mostly just run of the mill average questions and comments?

Most of our calls are just average conversations, but certainly do hold importance.  It seems that we are in constant conversation with people in our lives through phone calls, e-mail, facebook, texting and many other forms of communication. 

A dear friend of mine said we should be like our cell phones when it comes to talking to others about God.  She asked if our switch was turned on like the cell phone or if we are off and unavailable to witness for God.  When I pondered this it reminded me of how much importance communication has in our society right now.  
We used to go places to get away from the phone calls and now we can't go anywhere without our cell phones because we don't want to miss any calls.  What if we carried God's Word in our hearts just like we must have our cell phones in our pockets.  If we studied the Bible and placed those things in our minds and hearts, we would always be ready to speak to someone about how God loves them and wants a relationship with them.  We would be ready to have the most important conversation that a person could have...learning about God's love and forgiveness.

Each time you reach for your phone or cell phone, remember to be open to witness for God.  Allow God to use the Scripture that you've studied to bring a word of comfort or guidance to someone you meet.  May we not forget to use all the forms of communication we have now (which is lot's)  to share Christ with all we come in contact with.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cricut Cardz Challenge # 36

For challenge # 36, make a teen birthday card
using any cartridges or colors you'd like.

This colorful stairstep card was made using Doodlecharms for the images
and Lyrical Letters for the sentiment.  This is perfect for someone to
place on their desk or table after receiving it.  

I love making new types of cards that I've seen somewhere and this
was my first stairstep card. 
I will definitely be making more of these unique cards for different occassions.