Sunday, September 18, 2011

Old Washington Kentucky

Sights from Old Washington, Kentucky
Simon Kenton Festival

Horse Drawn Carriage Ride
Down Main Street
 Old Country Stores & Antique Shops Line the Streets
Old Washington beckons you to step back in time.
My parents come from farther down in Kentucky
each Spring and Fall to enjoy the festival times with me.

The people are friendly and you find yourself having long
talks with complete strangers so when you leave, 
you have made new friends.  

Old style music drifts through the air with a happy tune.
Men lead teams of oxen pulling a covered wagon as
they holler out commands for the beasts of burden.
 Seeing this living history before us reminds us of stories of our
families and how they farmed, worked and survived.
I have been told about my Grandmother who led teams of oxen.
She was a small lady and I can't imagine how difficult the work 
would have been during those times.
 This is one of my favorite pictures of the day.  As I watched
them go by I felt myself relax and was reminded of slowing down
and enjoying life.  The cool Fall weather, bright sunshine and shade trees.
What a beautiful world God has given us!

You certainly want to move out of their way when they
come down the street!  They are much bigger in real life!
One was about 2,000 pounds!

There was not only sights & sounds, but smells during
the festival.  Street vendors sold everything from
lemonade and funnel cakes to barbecue.  
I just had to take a picture of this whimsical pig smoker.

Thanks for going on the trip with me to 
Old Washington, Kentucky.

Remember...Don't get so busy making a living,
that you forget to make a life!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pop Bottle as a Gift Bottle

Baby Gift Bottle
I saw an idea to use a pop bottle as a container 
for a gift, so I gave it a try for a baby gift I need to give.

Pretty little package for a pretty new baby!

Remove the label from the bottle and use it
as a template for the new label allowing extra to overlap

Size:  5 1/2" x 15 3/4"
I pieced this together since I used 12" x 12" card stock
Scor-tape was used to adhere the card stock pieces together
and to adhere the decorations since it will need 
to bend around the round shape. 

 Use Goo Gone to remove left over pieces of label/glue
Make a slit in bottle allowing enough room to use 
utility scissors to cut an U shape to create a door
to load gift items inside.  

Be sure to make door smaller than label.
Use the back side of utility knife to
lightly score on right side of door so it will 
stay open when loading.

Run card stock through your shredder to match colors needed.
Bunch the pieces up with hands to get the scrunched look.

Load gift items in bottle and use small piece of tape to
close the door.  Adhere the decorated label to the bottle
by using Scor-tape.

My gift happens to be baby outfits, but small gift items really 
look better inside such as office supplies, baby rattles, etc.

Have fun creating unique gift containers that will
show those receiving it how much you care!