Sunday, December 12, 2010

Small Memo Holders

When thinking of an idea for some small gifts for groups of ladies at my Church, I remembered making some memo holders with brown tag board and covering with patterned paper and embellishments.

Since I was out of Scor-tape and don't live close to a craft store I began re-working this idea.  They say Necessity if the Mother of all Inventions...  Well, it actually helped make this gift process much easier!

Memo Holders for Gifts
Begin with 8x8 patterned cardstock
Measure and cut at 5 1/2".  Then cut the larger section in half. 
This leaves a 2 1/2" strip which you will also cut in half.  
Will make 2 pieces of 4x5 1/2" cardstock bases
and 2 pieces of 2 1/2 x 4" bases.  That's 2 large holders and 2 small holders!

For larger holders:  add post-it notes or
cut large index cards in half.

For smaller holders:  cut post-it notes in half which is 1 1/2" or 
cut large index cards in half then in half again.  This makes 4 blocks 2" each.
Add a colorful clip, which I found 12 pieces for a dollar at my local Dollar Tree.
Add some embellishments and ribbon at the top for a cute memo holder.
A magnet could be added to the back to be used on the refrigerator.

This is a great way to use leftover stickers, pieces of ribbon, etc.
and allow you to make lot's of these for ladies groups, etc. 
with just a bit of little supplies and it creates a fun small gift!

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