Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Day the Bat Went to Church

Most Wednesday night prayer meetings go without very much excitement in our Church.  Everyone is happy to sit down and relax after a long day at work and enjoy a Bible study to help re-focus our thoughts and attitudes and allow God to give us direction for our lives.  We spend time in prayer for each person listed on our prayer list and give updates on their conditions.  Prayers are given for our military and those who are shut-in's and unable to attend Church.

Tonight proved to be another relaxing evening until one unsuspecting eye caught something in the corner of our large ornate stained glass window.  After prayer requests were given the elderly gentlemen said, "what's that in the corner of the window?"  In unison the entire congregation turned to look to the left side of the sanctuary to the top of the window and said, "It's a bat!"  Laughter began and whisperings of how  a bat could get in here ensued.  The following comment was who is going to get it out of here?  Immediately the not me comments began to fly from all areas of the congregation.  After someone mentioned the bat wasn't moving, my favorite comment came when someone said, "Well, looks like the Pastor has put it to sleep!"  My husband is the Pastor! 

We regained our composure and continued our study in Matthew on compassion.  In the back of our minds was the uninvited visitor.  In the corner of our eyes, we all watched to make sure this thing didn't move!  Without any fanfare, after Church a brave soul got a telescoping pole and hoisted it up to the bat and the smart little thing latched on to the pole and took an uneventful ride out of the sanctuary to the big beautiful world outside.  

P.S.  All night I kept thinking of the song, The Mississippi Squirrel Revival...the day the squirrel went berserk in the Church.  This was the day the bat went to Church!!!

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  1. Ray Stevens gotta love that song...the day the squirrel went to church..... One of the young children in our church is always falling to sleep. He tells my husband, Bro Scottie, always helps me to sleep. Funny! Blessings!