Friday, December 17, 2010

The Princess and the Snow

This is Fluffy and she is definitely a princess in her mind.  
During our recent flood of snowfall, we tried to get Fluffy to go outside 
with our Son, who was taking out the garbage.  Fluffy usually quietly waits by the 
back door when someone is leaving to hear the words she longs for...
"Fluffy, want to go outside?"  
Upon hearing those words, she flies out the door and ready to begin an adventure.  

Fluffy heard the magic words this time and flew to the door, 
but stopped as soon as she could see the snow and smell the cold air.  
We coaxed and coaxed, but our little princess would not budge.  
Although she will not put her delicate little paws in the snow most of the time...
she loves to eat the snow that falls from our shoes when we come in the house.  

How crazy is that?  
A princess who eats snow from shoes but won't walk in snow!!!  
What a dog!


  1. I can so relate with you. Our dogs have been very hesitant about going out in the snow. We have a Maltie-poo. She is so small and is always ready to go out until she realizes there is snow. We also have a choc Lab, he is always ready to go out! Enjoyed viewing your blog. Blessings!