Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bible Verse a Day Flip Book

I am very blessed to be a Pastor's wife and the daughter of a Preacher also.  
God's Word is very important to us, so when I thought of making a gift for my Dad,
I wanted to make something with the Scriptures.

This is a flip book with a verse a day.  I used the large 4 x 6 index cards
(You could actually cut multiple pieces of paper,
but for $1 you can't beat 100 sheets of the same size ready to go!)

I kept the embellishments to a minimum, since I wanted the 
Scriptures to be the focal point and it was going to my Dad, 
who I knew wouldn't like all the frills that we women do.

Side view - By using the Bind-it-All I added a piece of index card
to the bottom for stability of the stand and heavier chipboard to each
side for the pages to flip to and from.  The 1" O Wire was used and
holes were punched in the middle of the pages/chipboard.

View from underside.
I first learned how to make a stand using the Bind-it-All from the following blog:
She gives step by step instructions on how to bind the book together.

This same technique was used on this Bible Verse a Day Flip Book
As my son used to say when he was small, "The possibilities are endless!"
Go make something beautiful and useful! 
There's nothing more useful than God's Word in our daily lives!

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  1. This is such a great idea! This would be great for the upcoming year to memorize scriture. So, you got the best of both worlds.....preacher's wife and a preachers kid! How blessed! Blessings to you! Keep up the good work.