Monday, August 30, 2010

I am somebody

My 12 year old son is beginning to write poetry in school.  They used an example of describing themselves with imagery called I am somebody and wrote a poem about themselves.

I wanted to share his first official poem.  He is such a joy and it is wonderful to see him growing and learning.  He is very excited to begin expressing himself in writing on the school's blog.  I have a vision in my mind of one day a young man walking across a stage and walking into a new life full of hope and promise.  Thank you God for my son and all the adventures we have together!  He is awesome!

I am somebody

I am the eagle soaring above the sky searching for things unknown;

I am the color green wise and strong;

I am the smell of water in the air, after it rains; the cool calming smell;

I am the wind silent but present and able to storm in a second;

I am the sound of the rain hitting the leaves and dropping to the ground;

I am the taste of the orange bursting with many unique tastes;

I am the texture of running water refreshing and cold;

I am the son of West Virginia wild and wonderful;

I am the dream of a teacher passing on knowledge they have learned;

I am somebody!

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