Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Feet...His Hands

Thinking back to when my son was little, I remember the times when he was sick so vividly.  Watching little ones and not being able to make them better just leaves us feeling helpless.  Other than trips to the Dr. and medicines the only comfort I could really give him was love.  I don't remember when I actually started this now tradition, but at some point I began holding his feet and pulling him close to me for comfort.

As he grew, this measure of comfort became a normal part of treating the common cold or flu.  When he grew too big to hold or his feet would drag the ground, he started putting his feet in my lap when I sat down on the couch.  Even now, as a much bigger son I can count on occasionally have feet plop in my lap when I sit down and someone is not feeling so good.  

I began to think about how we need comfort and am reminded about times when our world is turned upside down and we need someone to show us love and hold our feet.  Jesus washed His disciples feet showing His love and servant heart.  What a comfort to them to know that Jesus loved them so much that he would even touch their feet and bring them comfort by washing them.  When we need comfort, God is there and gives us love, understanding and direction through times when we are weary and need Him. 

There is a song that is very precious to me called Your Hands by JJ Heller. 

I feel in my heart this song describes so many hurting people who need God's hands to hold their feet!  He is ready with hands open!

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