Friday, September 10, 2010

Clean Up Aisle Bathroom!

Ever hear those words..."Mom, I don't feel so good"?  That phrase brings one expression to most Mother's face...panic...terror and the oh, no expression.  My first thought after hearing those words we go again!

I've always teased that my bathroom was the cleanest part of my house while my son was young, because I cleaned it everyday and sometimes several times a day in accord to the latest stomach virus or potty training mishap.  Let me just say a little disclaimer here...if you have never taken care of children & their mishaps you may be offended by this next statement; however, there is just not any other way to say this, but to speak plainly.  Puke, poop and other fun events are part of Motherhood at all stages and ages of your child's life.  Most times, when these fun surprises visit the first words uttered are MMMMOOOOMMM!   

After the initial "oh no" look we dive into righting the wrong that has visited our bathroom, that is to say if they made it to the bathroom and if the answer is no, then that is an entirely different animal.  Ha.  The task of cleaning up all the mess hasn't ever bothered me much and the one thing that always melts my heart after the smelly task is done is three words that I hear from little boy...thank you, Mom.  

Thank you, Mom could right most any situation and is certainly worth a little clean up in the bathroom.  While sickness visited our house again recently, I began to think of being thankful even in the middle of the yuckies.  Are we thankful in the middle of the muck in life and do we express it to God when we make a mess of our life and ask Him for forgiveness and He gives it.  He wipes away our wrong doing/sin and makes us clean again, just like cleaning up after being sick.  Do we say, "Thank you Dad" or do we expect Him to clean up our sin and us never express our appreciation? 

My son certainly didn't have to say thank you, Mom, because I would have cleaned up anyway.  Him expressing gratitude just made my role in His life more appreciated.  I enjoyed hearing that He loved me and thanked me for caring for him.  God is the same way and He will forgive us if we are sincere when we ask for forgiveness, but enjoys hearing our thankfulness for the role He plays in our lives.  We should have love and gratitude in our hearts just as our children do and tell Him, "Thank you Dad for your love and forgiveness!"

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