Friday, August 27, 2010

Household Tip #1

While working around the house this week, I found myself using small little tricks that save time and money.  Many things I picked up from reading articles, heard from others looking to make their household run more smoothly and some I guess I just tried and they worked.  Understanding that everyone needs more time and money, I thought I would write a series of tips that can be integrated into your household routine.

Household Tip #1

Loading & Unloading the Dishwasher
It's a simple task, but takes time to unload, especially sorting the silverware.

Here's a tip to make the unloading a snap.  When you load the silverware, allow one compartment for each type of silverware.  One section for for for knives, etc.  This allows you to easily grab the whole bunch when they are dry and just throw them in their compartment in the drawer.  It really does save you from standing there sorting and placing each one in a slot in the drawer.  

This may be a tip you've already put into practice, if not try it and spend that extra time doing something fun!

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