Monday, August 9, 2010

Phone Calls

Have you ever wondered how many times your home phone or cell phone rings in a month's time?'s hard to count that high!  Are the majority of those calls dire emergencies or mostly just run of the mill average questions and comments?

Most of our calls are just average conversations, but certainly do hold importance.  It seems that we are in constant conversation with people in our lives through phone calls, e-mail, facebook, texting and many other forms of communication. 

A dear friend of mine said we should be like our cell phones when it comes to talking to others about God.  She asked if our switch was turned on like the cell phone or if we are off and unavailable to witness for God.  When I pondered this it reminded me of how much importance communication has in our society right now.  
We used to go places to get away from the phone calls and now we can't go anywhere without our cell phones because we don't want to miss any calls.  What if we carried God's Word in our hearts just like we must have our cell phones in our pockets.  If we studied the Bible and placed those things in our minds and hearts, we would always be ready to speak to someone about how God loves them and wants a relationship with them.  We would be ready to have the most important conversation that a person could have...learning about God's love and forgiveness.

Each time you reach for your phone or cell phone, remember to be open to witness for God.  Allow God to use the Scripture that you've studied to bring a word of comfort or guidance to someone you meet.  May we not forget to use all the forms of communication we have now (which is lot's)  to share Christ with all we come in contact with.

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