Saturday, August 21, 2010

Things You Shouldn't Have to Say!!!

While doing the laundry today, I found something that I knew had a story to tell.  Everything was quite normal for a few loads, including loose change, straw papers, etc.  On the last load of the day I put my hand in a pair of jean shorts and thought I got everything out, but something felt lumpy in the bottom of the pocket.  After closer scrutiny I found indeed there was something lodged in the bottom.  Turning the pants inside out and pulling & tugging for a few minutes, I discovered our dear friend GUM making a lump of a mess sticking two sides of the pocket together.  

There was no doubt who did it, because the shorts only fit one person in the family.  I pulled and pulled and got the most of it out and thought so it's gum...not really that big of a deal.  About that time my 12 yr. old son, a.k.a. the gum culprit hollered for me.  With a sly smile on my face I showed him the gummy pocket.  He quickly said, "It's not my fault told me to do it.  Remember, we were at Church and I asked you what to do with it and you said...put it in your pocket." parents we remember conversations that we have with our children, but we seem to remember them different than our children.  I recall this conversation in the middle of the choir singing and my trying to pay attention and hearing...Psst...Mom, what should I do with this?    I responded the way I've responded for 12 years...put it in your pocket.  Don't we all have them save the gum wrapper beside them just for this purpose?  

The upbringing of 12 years faded away from my son on that day.  He looked at me and said, are you sure you want me to put this in my pocket?  With a bewildered look on my face during the music I nodded my head and whispered yes...put it in your pocket.  He replied, Okay here it goes.  

None of that conversation made sense to me, until today doing laundry.  He took his gum without the wrapper and put it in his pocket just like his dear old Mom told him to.  I thought to myself...there are things you shouldn't have to say!  I didn't know I needed to say for 12 years...take the gum from your mouth and place it in the gum wrapper...fold the wrapper over the the wrapped gum in your pocket.  

Who knew?  There are things you shouldn't have to say!  I hope this gives you a is never dull and always fun when you greet it with a smile & a sense of humor!

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