Thursday, March 25, 2010

Women of Faith

It is an interesting question for us to ponder...what do we like most about the Women of Faith conferences?  Each of us will have very different ideas based on our experiences and needs in our life at the time we attended a conference.

The thing that had the greatest impact to me during the Women of Faith conferences was how the speakers were totally sold out to Jesus and stripped of their self, their thoughts & desires and allowed the Holy Spirit to use them and they gave God the spotlight and even though they were physically doing the talking and teaching, it was very evident that they had stepped aside and allowed God to use them to speak words of encouragement, hope and peace to the thousands of ladies at the conference.

The selflessness and humbleness of the speakers is what made the conference real to me.  Their genuineness was invigorating and inspiring to see.  God touches each lady present at the conferences in different ways and brings them closer to Him.  Thank you Women of Faith team for being willing to be used by God in marvelous ways.

It is wonderful that after the conferences, the motivation and inspiration does not have to stop...the Bible studies are superb to continue in your daily quiet times or with a group.  The resources available to use at home are astounding and affordable.  Sheila Walsh is my favorite!  God has allowed me to connect to her writing, stories, struggles and triumph's of life.  I thank God for Women of Faith Ministries.

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