Monday, March 15, 2010

One Word

Think back to those people in your life who have had an impact on you.  It would be people who influenced your path in life or helped you go in the right direction.  Now...what is one word you would use to describe each person.  The first word that pops in your mind is likely a good description of their character and how they shaped you and added to your life.  

Hopefully, we each can think of someone, who we are thankful for and see as instrumental in our lives.  Now, for the second question...what is one word that others would use to describe you?  What's the first word that pops in your mind about yourself?

When we think of this, we are reminded about the level of influence we have on those around us.  We can have the same impact on others, as the people you thought of and remembered as being influential in your life.  Think of those you have contact with, whether it is coworkers, family, Church family or friends.  Make an effort to direct them in God's ways and demonstrate to them God's love and mercy.  Strive to be remembered as one that influenced others in a positive encouraging way and hopefully, one day they will describe you in a word that reflects God's love and care.  What one word will others remember about you?

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