Monday, March 8, 2010

Fudge and Life

While making my favorite fudge, peanut butter today an example of life presented itself. Several people can use the same recipe and the fudge comes out totally different. They can use the same ingredients and store brands but it still comes out different. The way the ingredients and recipe is used is what yields the end result.

As I watched my bubbly fudge mixture begin to boil, I was reminded about people's lives, their chosen path in life and the choices they have made. We each have a recipe, if you will, to our life. We have added ingredients such as choice of friends, spouse, career, religion and interests. This recipe is the path of our life. Of course, just like in making fudge, many of the same ingredients can be chosen in many people's lives, but their outcome can be very different.

The difference in soupy or good consistency fudge is what happens in the boiling stage. The heat creates a texture that will allow perfect fudge to form. It's the most crucial time and it can be a make or break situation for your fudge. It means the difference of throwing it in the trash or sharing it with family & friends.

In our lives, there are times when the heat is on and we feel the pressure on our lives being molded and texture added just as in the fudge. The choices we make during these times of refining will determine if our life is usable like delicious fudge or a mess like the soupy version we can't use.

The next time you find yourself on the burner with life and it's getting hot and you aren't sure what to do, seek God's wisdom and look for His plan for your life and those choices will yield a usable life that is beneficial to God, family & friends and life will be delicious!

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