Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What is Your Season?

Just when we can't stand the snow any more...Spring comes.  When we long for warmer days...Summer comes.  We soon become tired of long hot days and look forward to rest in cooler temps and...Fall arrives.  After a busy year and tired bodies...Winter comes to close us up in the house a little giving us rest, but remains harsh and can separate us from joyous activities.

Nature is designed to change with Seasons, each just as important and accomplishing a purpose on our Earth.  Have you ever noticed different Seasons in your life?  Is it Spring, with everything fresh and new and the start of all things good?  Summer in our lives can be fun at first, but soon becomes tiring with so much to do and temperatures that wears us out during the long days  Maybe you are experiencing Fall when times are beginning to slow down and you can catch your breath for a long walk with a cool breeze.  Winter is the harshest of Seasons and can bring isolation, fear and a sense of longing for brighter happier days.

Think of your Season of life right now.  Is it one of your most favorite and you don't want it to end?  Perhaps it is your least favorite and you can't wait for it to be over.  Be assured, that you are not forgotten in this Season of life and you are there for a purpose and it will not last forever.

God allows us to go through happy sunny days with joy and laughter and cold winter nights which can make us chilled and afraid.  We must remember that the Creator of nature and the Seasons of Earth and our lives is in control and even though the storms come, waters rise and the nature of our lives threatens to cause mayhem...there is someone that even the waves of the sea answers tooGod wants to be a part of our lives helping us through these Seasons giving us joy in good times, peace in hard times and strength as we travel through the Seasons of life .  He wants to be our best friend in all types of weather.

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