Monday, March 22, 2010

What Do You Do...When You Don't Have a Voice?

Have you been in situations where you didn't feel you had a voice?  It could be a workplace, community or with friends.  Perhaps you are among millions of Americans who feel that do not have a voice in the present economy and state of our country.  So, what do you do?  In these times, should one shrug off the circumstances around him and let fate take its turn?  Of course, we can have the mentality that we will just leave it up to whoever is in control of the situation.  Our opinions don't matter.  We'll just have to take whatever happens to us.  They're in control and we're not.  There's nothing we can do

Throughout history, great men and women chose to get out of their recliners and turn off the TV and speak out about the things that were important to them.  They did this in their own families, workplaces, schools and communities.  These people did not wake up one morning and decide to be great.  They were great because they went about their daily lives and wasn't afraid to use their voice to motivate and encourage others to alter situations from wrong to right with a greater good, than just for those in control.  A greater good for all. 

When we face situations, whether in our families, communities, workplaces or country, we must check our heart and listen to the voice of our heart and ask ourselves...What do you do...When you don't have a voice?  You begin with those around you, making a difference right where you are and this will make difference in the situation you find yourselves will make a difference in those people, who you shared your heart with...when it makes a difference with just a few people, this will spread to making a difference to a few hundred... until it will multiply and reach a community and ultimately our world. 

We think sometimes that our voice doesn't matter, but we must see that we are in the place, where we are for a reason...perhaps it is for the reason of sharing our heart,  our voice, when situations are not right and the truth needs to be told.  When we stay quiet in situations, when we know it is wrong...then we become part of the problem and not part of the solution.

May we remember that each of us is important and we have a voice, that is unique to our situations and experiences and we should stand up for what is right and share our voice...especially in the times when we don't feel we have a voice!

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