Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What to Do...When You Don't Know...What to Do

Each of us have had times when we didn't know what to do.  It may have been in a marriage situation, with our family, crisis that happened, illness or just feeling stuck in life.  For me, it has been my journey with Multiple Sclerosis.  A lot of time spent wondering what was wrong and what would happen to me and my family.  The things in life that we have no control over are often the things that keep us up at night.  

We spend our thoughts and energy trying to understand what is going on and wondering what the outcome will be.  When we find ourselves in this state and we just don't know what to do's what we do....WE KEEP GOING!  Life doesn't offer answers to all of our deep questions and time and energy spent on worrying and having anxiety about the outcome of our life, could be better used on our family and things we enjoy in our life.  

Sometimes, the simplest answers are the only answers that will get us through difficult times.  When you don't know what to do....Keep Going.  Keep getting up in the morning (even if you are moving slow)....keep believing that tomorrow will be an easier day....keep loving your family....keep allowing others to love you....keep praying and maintaining your relationship to God.  Whatever you do, don't stop, don't look back at what used to be and don't fret about what tomorrow may bring...Just Keep Going!  God will be there with you.

As you KEEP GOING and the days turn into weeks and the weeks into years, you will look back and say...what was I really worried about.  I still have a life...I have people who love me...I still do the same things I've always done, I just do them different now.  I've kept going and I've come this, I'll keep going and living my life to its fullest no matter the circumstances.

Life is what we choose for it to be.  Our present state of mind is how we allow it to be.  Even in times when we don't know what to do....we can choose to KEEP GOING and God will bring us through some of the hardest times in our lives and show us the rainbows after the storm and sunshine behind the storm clouds, but we have to KEEP GOING in order to see these things. 

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