Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A New Beginning

Spring time gives a new beginning to our Earth.  The harshness of Winter has passed and the only remnant is a soggy earth under foot.  The ground warms and new life emerges which was tucked under the soil during the Winter.  We often look forward to Spring...especially after a long winter.

Perhaps you long for a new beginning in your life, just as Spring brings a newness to all.  A new start in your job or in a relationship.  We can often take a few steps off the path we want to travel and find ourselves going the wrong way and want a new start.  Whatever you need the new start in, begin fresh and new allowing Spring to come in your life, breaking forth to allow great beauty in your life, just as the Spring flowers begin to grow.
If Spring time seems to have passed you by in your life right now and you feel the harshness of Winter...hold steady, because Winter doesn't last forever and Spring will surely come.  One of my favorite verses says, Sorrow may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.  (Psalms 30:5)  Even in our toughest times, we can find comfort that it won't last forever and there is a time coming where there will be a fresh new start to a beautiful day with sunshine and beauty, as in the Spring flowers.  God does not forget us in Winter, but just as in the earth, when it begins to warm and prepare for Spring, He works in our hearts and prepares us for better days, when Winter has passed and Spring comes to give us a new start and wonderful sun filled warm days ahead.

Look forward to Spring in your life and greet each day with a new wonder for the one who created it and wants to help you enjoy it!

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