Friday, February 25, 2011

Never Ending Card

A Fun Card that Keeps Folding and Folding

Front of Card

Flipped Open to First Page 
I just added some journaling spots quickly, but of course
this can be decorated anyway you want with lot's 
of space to get creative with!

 Unfolded Again to Second Page

Back Again to Back of Card

If you haven't ever tried's really simple!
Here's How You Make a Never Ending Card

Step 1 - Cut 4  3" x 6" pieces of paper/card stock
2 pieces of 2 different patterns
I used double sided paper

Step 2 - Score at 1 1/2" from each short edge on all pieces
Measure carefully to keep all the same.  If using paper, score two at a time.

Step 3 - Crease well on score lines.

Step 4 -  Lay two pieces down horizontally.
Place adhesive on back side in upper and lower corners 
not going too far down.  Line up score lines.

Step 5 - Place other two pieces of paper/cd stock on top vertically
lining up carefully at the edges.

Step 6 - Unfold pushing sides to the back making sure they line up at the back
and crease on front to make 1st page.

Step 7 - Unfold again pushing sides to the back, make sure back lines up
to meet in middle and crease the front.

Step 8 - Push toward back one last time and you will be
at the back side as you see below.

Now it's time to decorate your panels!
You can cut an image in half and adhere to both sides to meet 
in the middle of the panels at the front or back.

Never Ending Salvation Card
I'm sure you've seen the salvation bracelets with colors to tell about faith.
Well, I wanted to try a never ending card with the colors.
I plan to use this with children and it may make a great VBS project also!

Black - Sin/wrong we've done            White - If we ask for forgiveness
Red - Jesus' blood- died on cross         We will be washed whiter than snow

Blue - Baptism is the first thing we do      Green - Growth as a Christian
in obedience to God showing others        Yellow - Heaven when we die
the decision we've made

Have fun creating a Never Ending Card!
It's a little touch of whimsy to brighten someone's day!


  1. I love your neverending card. The salvation card is such a wonderful idea!! TFS!!


  2. Selina, THANK YOU for the very clear instructions on how to make a Never-Ending Card. I've been meaning to try one of these for a while. And I think your spiritual one would be a very meaningful project for a Sunday school class, for instance. GOOD JOB!

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

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  3. very cool card! I am having a challenge if you would like o come over and join in! Dina

  4. I saw one of these on another blog and wondered how to make one. Thank you so much for the awesome pictorial and directions!!! :)