Sunday, November 28, 2010

Top 10 Thankful List

Thanksgiving is sometimes called the forgotten holiday.  There is so much anticipation leading up to Christmas that we can hurry past Thanksgiving to other festivities.  If we were to construct a top 10 thankful list what would we include?  It's humbling to think about the most precious gifts in life that we are thankful for.  Most of us would not list our car, 3 story house or our jewelry, but the things that mean the most to us, which impact our lives greatly. 

Let me encourage you to make Thanksgiving season last a little longer before jumping into Christmas preparations and make a top 10 list of the things/people you are most thankful for.  Carry this spirit of thanksgiving into your Christmas season.

Top 10 Thankful List

1.  God loving me and wanting a relationship with me. 

2.  Jesus' death on the cross as the perfect sacrifice for my wrong doings, making a way to know a holy God.

3.  The gift of forgiveness and salvation when I accepted Jesus in my heart.

4.  Allowing me to find a wonderful Godly husband to serve God alongside and share my life with.

5.  A precious Son who makes life full of joy and excitement.

6.  Loving family & friends who help me to be a better person by simply being with them.

7.  Directing me to the right Doctors to help my body to function through my illness.

8.  God constantly working in my life...continually pursing a relationship with me.  He never gives up on me.

9.  Life itself.

10.Bright spots along the day that make even the hardest days more pleasant & bearable.  Encouragement.

What are you thankful for?

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