Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's all a Matter of Perspective

On a particularly beautiful Fall day, I had my front door open and was waiting for a friend to come visit.  When I went to the door to look out I noticed what a wonderful frame the Fall wreath made on my door.  It was like looking through a looking glass.  The bright colors of leaves changing was just mesmerizing.  I sat for a while looking through the wreath at the beauty around me.  The frame of the wreath gave the perfect perspective on the beauty around.  I began to think about life and how we look at things is all a matter of perspective.

When we are given hard circumstances such as loss of jobs, loved ones, illness and devastating life changes, we don't have a choice of whether we will go through this or not, but we do have a choice of our perspective when we are going through it.  Our perspective means we choose to look for the good and allow God to use the bad circumstance to bring honor to Himself and bring us closer to Him.  He is constantly working on our behalf to give us little bright spots and hope in the bad times.  

Our perspective can be one of hope, peace and assurance that
God is with us and will bring us through what lies ahead in our path. 

I decided to scrapbook this memory and journal about the
perspective that God has given me and how He has helped me
with different circumstances in my life.

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