Sunday, October 31, 2010

What If I Gave All

Sometimes we are given a glimpse of something very precious.  My Son lost a tooth last night and although he is older and we don't practice the tooth fairy, he still receives a small gift to celebrate.  Last night I didn't have any cash on hand and wasn't prepared for the exiting of the tooth.  

I gave my Son a choice between a gift from Wal-mart on Monday or an IOU.  After he asked what an IOU was, he decided that was the best choice.  I filled out a small slip of paper with every intention of placing it under the pillow when he was asleep, but I forgot.

At Church today we had a speaker from the Gideon's who shared about how God has used the Bibles placed in hotels, hospitals, etc.  There were touching stories after stories and evidence of how God was blessing through this ministry of giving out His Word.  

At the end of the service my Son came to me and asked, "Mom, how much is that IOU?"  I immediately remembered that I did not place it under his pillow and apologized to him.  He said, "Mom, how much is it because I want to give it to the Gideon's."  His IOU was $5.00 and that was exactly the amount needed to purchase one hardbound Bible to be placed in a hospital or hotel.  I quickly wrote out the check and let him give it to the speaker.  He was so happy to do this.

I am reminded about a little boy who gave fish and bread and Andrew brought him to Jesus and Jesus made something wonderful out of his gift.  There is a song called, "What if I Gave All I Had".  It's a powerful reminder of how we each should give.  We can learn much from the genuine faith of a child.

Click below to watch the video and ask God how He would have you to give to His kingdom work.

What if I Gave All I Had


  1. That is so precious! We will never know on this side of heaven how many lives were touched with that one Bible given by him. Oh, if only I had that kind of faith to give God my all.

  2. We thank the Lord for him, and his mom and dad. He's following your footsteps.