Sunday, October 17, 2010

Household Tip #3

Organizing Made Easy

How many of us have had overfilled closets that you wouldn't dare let a guest open for fear they would be buried alive with the spillage that would come tumbling out?  The last time I moved, I saw it as an opportunity to really get organized!  I consulted several organizing books and found some very helpful tips.  Marcia Ramsland is an author to several books and they are very insightful to give easy methods for keeping your house the way you want it.  

One tip I want to share today is how to keep the closets, cabinets, etc. clean and neat.  (I can't remember where I picked this tip up.)  Every time you open a door to get something, look quickly around and see if there is one more thing you can pick up and put it where it goes.  For example:  I go to the closet to get a new purse out...I look and see a plaid shirt that I haven't worn...ever.  This shirt quickly goes in the donate bag/box.  After I change my purse out, I go to the refrigerator to get a drink...I see last week's leftover chili, so I empty the container and place it in dishwasher.  When I cook and reach in for a spice, I organize that shelf or check the expiration date on items. 

When you get in the habit of always cleaning out an item or organizing a shelf, etc. then the days of cleaning out closets are limited.  When I put away my son's clothes in the closet, I look around and immediately pull out items that no longer fit or he needs to try on.  It's a simple concept that really works.  

You may think...I don't have time to do this when I looking for something, but in the long run if you make the time, then you spend less time searching for things that you know are in there somewhere!

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