Thursday, December 24, 2009

Have Time if You Make Time

How often do we say, I just don't have the time?  In many cases, this is so true.  Daily demands can drain our time and energy.  How do we handle the constraints that life puts on us?  You have time if you make time!  Making time for life's little treasures will ensure that you never feel so distraught and pulled and about to break, the middle of the hustle & bustle, you know that you have already made time for the important things.  It makes the hurried pace a little less stressful, since you have those moments of little treasures that make you smile.

It's all about making time for the important things...the things that you will treasure in your memories later.  Things that you could do without and probably things that don't even make it to your official To Do List.  Are these things that would make your life less rich if you didn't do them?  Little treasures become the best memories.  

What do you remember most about a loved one?  A favorite teacher?  Your best friend?  Is it the big elaborate things they do or is the small things that they probably don't even realize they do.  Take time to thank them for the small things they do that makes their friendship a treasure to you. 

During this busy season, make time for the small things.  They will have the best opportunity to be the biggest most treasured memories!

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