Monday, November 23, 2009

Looking Forward With Anticipation

Children look forward to many things.  Birthdays, school starting, summer vacation, etc., but most of all...Christmas.  If you ask most children about their favorite holiday, it's usually Christmas.  What do they look forward to?  Gifts, time off from school, time with family, cookies & fudge.  Children enjoy just the thought of Christmas.  Everything about it lights up the face with a smile. 

You may enjoy Christmas and look forward to it.  I certainly do, but what do you look forward to the most?  Is it the weekend or vacation time?  If you could do anything you wanted to do tomorrow, what would it be?  Sometimes, we lose our childlike qualities that allow us to look forward to something with such anticipation that we just can't hardly stand to wait any longer. 

There are many things to look forward to that can brighten our days and give us hope and strength, which is something we all need a little more of.  Anticipating time with family and relaxing together at the dinner table.  Time with grandchildren or grandparents remembering precious memories of the past and making new memories for the future.  Maybe, it's time off from work, giving you a much needed break. 

Whatever you look forward to the most, may it be honoring to God and please Him when he looks upon you, as His child.  He enjoys seeing our face light up and enjoying the people He has put in our lives.  Remember to thank Him for all of these blessings.  You hear the phrase, Like a Kid in a Candy Store, well, we can have that same excitement about the blessings in our lives that we miss and take for granted.

This Thanksgiving season, anticipate good things and good times, thanking God for them all.

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