Monday, January 25, 2010

What Makes Your Eyes Light Up?

Do you remember as a child, when something so great happened that you jumped up and down?  Maybe your best friend was staying the night with you or your Mom came home early from work with a surprise for you.  As children, it was natural to show excitement and emotions when we were happy about something.  Even the smallest of things could bring delight and enjoyment for hours.  The old saying is that children would rather have the boxes to play with than the presents inside.  Being young meant we had not seen very much, experienced very much and everything was still new and fresh to us.  All things, big or small brought us joy. 

What things bring you joy now as an adult?  If you were to allow the inner child to come through and throw off all abandon and really get excited.  I mean, just jump up and down.  What would be the cause of your excitement?  What would trigger that emotion deep down that made you thrilled.  The pure knowing that life was worth living because of just that moment?  Can you think of it?

Another way to look at this topic is to ask...What makes your eyes light up when you talk about it or think about it.  What do you spend your time planning?  When you are at work or cleaning the house (boo hoo)  what do you wish you were doing?  The one thing that pops in your mind, is probably what makes your eyes light up. 

There are many who have lost the shine in the eyes.  Life has clouded their view of a beautiful world and they cannot see things in an exciting way anymore.  They don't get very happy and absolutely never jump up and down.  Do you know someone who's eyes never shine?  The outlook we have on life brings us much joy and lessens much pain.  Look at your field of influence...your family...your co-workers...your neighbors...Church family and begin working to brighten their day, with small gestures.  The brightening of their day will lead to brightening their week and soon they may begin to see a beautiful friend that cares about them.   

Take opportunities to find someone who needs the light in their eyes lit again.  Help them to see that life is worth living.  Remember what causes your eyes to light up.  Guard this moment, tuck it away and never let it go.  You have an area of influence on make a difference.  Life is more beautiful because of the happiness you have and it shows when your eyes light up! 

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