Saturday, March 8, 2014

Summer Memories on Winter Days

Oak Island, North Carolina

Anyone else feel like it has been a long Winter?
While scrapbooking beach photos tonight
I couldn't help just staring at the peaceful scene
of the sun sinking into the horizon.

Remembering the warmth on my face
and the wind in my hair, I was reminded
of why I scrapbook....preserving precious memories.

Just seeing these photos transported me to
my last vacation and all the peace, tranquility
and fun with family immediately brought a 
smile to my face.

Now, the other ladies I was scrapbooking with
may have thought I was a little off if
they noticed me staring in space with a smile, 
but we've all done this when we scrap...right?

What sparks your favorite memories
when you scrapbook?

1 comment:

  1. Selina, I have not scrapbooked in a while..I love to do it when it get the opportunity.. I especially love scrapbook parties.. i have many beach pictures...great memories... I have not been to ghe beach in many years. It would be a great tip after this long cold Winter.. Today the sun is shining and in the upper 50's. I guess that is about as close to the beacch as I will get for awhile.. Have a great day.. Blessings!