Monday, April 16, 2012

Thought for the Day

Life is Made up of Have to's 
& Want to's...
Choose to Complete Some
of Each Everyday!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Good Friday and Great Easter

If you are fortunate enough to have Good Friday off from work/school, then it's very good to you.  Why is it good; because you have a day off?  Is the Friday before Easter the last call for all Easter shoppers to get your baskets and gifts ready? 

What about Easter clothes for your kids or yourself.  Does everyone in the family have to match?  We give new meanings to holidays based on our current circumstances.  If you've worked forever and haven't had a day off, then of course any Friday you have off is welcome.  A busy family rarely has enough time to shop and most of us are running to Wal-mart to pick up last minute essentials before any holiday.  (I shop at Wal-mart all the time and often day they will take over the world.  Ha/Ha)
In the middle of life, crazy as it is sometimes, do we forget the meaning of days that were set aside so we wouldn't forget.  Good Friday is set aside to remind us of a day long ago when something terrible happened that would bring us much good.  We all know that none of us are perfect.  We all do things that are wrong.  If we think that we are perfect, just ask our families...they will tell how imperfect we really are.   

God in Heaven is not like us...He is perfect & holy and we are unable to have a relationship with Him, because of the wrong in our life/sin.  In order to give us a relationship with Himself, where we can be forgiven our wrong and someday go to Heaven with Him, God sent someone perfect and blameless that would be a bridge between us and God, forgiving us of our wrong and presenting to God, His Father, clean people who can talk to God, feel Him directing and giving us help in our daily life.

This bridge was God's Son, Jesus Christ, who came from Heaven to Earth to live here, showing us God's love and how we should live honoring God.  On a Friday, long ago He sacrificed His perfect life and allowed all of the wrong/sin of everyone to be placed on Him, when He died on a cross, a cruel death, so if we ask God to forgive us, He will, because of this bridge...this perfect, holy, Son of God, making a way for us to know God, have forgiveness and go to Heaven when we die.  

Good Friday has also been called...Great Friday and Holy Friday.  It was a day when terrible pain & suffering took place, but it was all good for us.  Good Friday allowed us to have a good Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday, because now, we have a bridge to God, allowing us to talk to Him, be forgiven, let Him help in our crazy lives and give us meaning & purpose.

The rest of the story came three days later when Christ came back to life and arose from the grave.   This gives us assurance that God has power over death and one day He will come back for those who have believed in Christ and will take us to Heaven.  May we not forget in all the Easter traditions, what's so good about Good Friday and what's so GREAT about Easter Sunday.  

Monday, April 2, 2012

Losing Weight and Loving It

Many things can contribute to adding a few pounds!
In my case, health problems, medications and 
less exercise was the culprit.

I have never dieted but from time to time made
a more conscious effort to eat more healthy
and exercise more.

A friend began losing weight and feeling great
so I became more interested in how she
was accomplishing this and wanted to try her system.

On February 28, 2012 I began eating more balanced
with keeping proteins and carbs in balance along
with drinking more fluids and water and
having snacks in between meals.

This system is called Diet Free for Life based
on the book and Food Lover's Weight Loss System
by Robert Ferguson, MS, CN.

I began seeing a huge difference in my weight.
In about 5 weeks I have lost 15 1/2 pounds
and several inches from my waist
and I've never ate so much in my life!

Eating balanced is really the key and it really 
does work!  I just wanted to share this with
others who may have picked up a few extra
pounds and would like to get the book
and see if it's right for you
and acceptable with your Doctor.

Best Wishes for Healthy Eating
& Happy Living!