Monday, April 2, 2012

Losing Weight and Loving It

Many things can contribute to adding a few pounds!
In my case, health problems, medications and 
less exercise was the culprit.

I have never dieted but from time to time made
a more conscious effort to eat more healthy
and exercise more.

A friend began losing weight and feeling great
so I became more interested in how she
was accomplishing this and wanted to try her system.

On February 28, 2012 I began eating more balanced
with keeping proteins and carbs in balance along
with drinking more fluids and water and
having snacks in between meals.

This system is called Diet Free for Life based
on the book and Food Lover's Weight Loss System
by Robert Ferguson, MS, CN.

I began seeing a huge difference in my weight.
In about 5 weeks I have lost 15 1/2 pounds
and several inches from my waist
and I've never ate so much in my life!

Eating balanced is really the key and it really 
does work!  I just wanted to share this with
others who may have picked up a few extra
pounds and would like to get the book
and see if it's right for you
and acceptable with your Doctor.

Best Wishes for Healthy Eating
& Happy Living!

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