Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Favorite Vacation Spot

When one foot hits the sandy beach, 
I simply just exhale a long breath!

Do you have a favorite spot where you
allow your cares to float away?

Unfortunately in life, we don't always get
to head to the beach or the mountains.
 There are those pesky things called bills
that prevent us from traveling at times.

I read in a book somewhere that life
is made up of Have to's and Want to's
and we should choose to 
do some of each everyday.  

The key to that exhale of breath
that we often experience on vacation is
to keep life in perspective and have a 
little fun along with that pesky thing called work.

The next time you feel yourself tense and 
holding in your breath as you think of all the
work you need to do, take a deep breath and
exhale reminding yourself to take a break
and do something you want to do (even though
it may not be going to the beach, it could still be fun)!

Keep on Trying!


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