Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Frontier Christmas Village

Frontier Christmas
Old Washington, Kentucky

 Candle Making
The wicks were dipped in the hot wax
and allowed to dry as they were dipping the rest
of the wicks.  It took over 90 dips to create a taper candle.

 Buildings from the 1700s line the streets
and beckon for you to come in
stepping back in time.

Knitting Demonstration

Many buildings have become antique shops
while others remain intact for tourist
and school groups to see a glimpse
into the Colonial life.

Sitting by the fire to keep warm.

Corn Cob Checkers

A Wax Statue of Simon Kenton

Site of First Postal Station, 1789

Machinery Used with Tobacco

A Beautiful Local Church

Visiting Old Washington puts me in
the Christmas mood and I enjoy
the sites and sounds of a simpler
time when one's focus was on
God, family and country.

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  1. That is still one of my favorite places in town

  2. Thanks for posting the info. I am not sure how close we are to this but would love to visit. Blessings!