Saturday, May 8, 2010

Inherited From Whom?

Unfortunately, some do not know their biological parents or did not have a good relationship with them.  For others, conversations with family throughout the years can include, "You have your Mother's nose or your Father's eyes."  Families are quick to point out characteristics that match others in the family.  For example, when a baby is born...everyone wants to claim at least one feature that the baby inherited from them.  It's a bragging right!

What features can you match to family members?  Personally, I have my Mother's hands and my Father's nose.  It's interesting to look at your physical characteristics and try to see who you inherited them from.  What about other characteristics that are passed down through the generations?  Of all the physical attributes that my parents passed down to me, there was even more important things that they gave me.  When I think of Mother's Day, I am reminded of things that my Mother gave me, which I can still recognize in my life today as being a part of who she is.  My Mother, Pat Goodin has a true Mother's heart.  She has passed down and taught me to care deeply for others, love them unconditionally and give with a loving attitude.  Most people have some or a few of these qualities, but few exhibit them in the daily lives over and over again to all they meet.

The way I watched her help others and provide for their needs, even when we were in need also, gave me a sense of thinking of others first and allowing God to help care for your own needs.  I never saw her love for family falter, even in the midst of troubling times and difficult circumstances.  She has always remained faithful to her family and puts them first.  My Mom taught me to share and give and I am reminded of a time when she bought me some special stationery.  I had cousins that lived out of town, so I wanted to share my special gift with them also.  Being a child, not understanding the weight and cost of mailing letters, I sent at least half of my gift.  It was a very selfless thing to do as a child; however, my aunt wasn't too happy when she had a COD (Cash on Delivery) for this letter full of stationery.  I only knew it was good to give.

So, on this Mother's Day, I thank God for my Mother, who has demonstrated her faith in God and a Godly love that she passed down to me giving me the greatest joy of thinking of others, loving unconditionally and giving in love.  My prayer is that one day, my son will be able to look back and see that he inherited these same qualities from me.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!  Here's a card I made especially for you!  I love you!

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