Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cupcake Bar & Popcorn Bar for Celebrations

Build Your Own Cupcake Bar
Choose a Cupcake...Add Buttercream Icing &
Your Choice of Toppings.
All placed in Mason jars with spatulas &
long tea spoons to dip toppings.

Cupcake Flavors:  Red Velvet & French Vanilla
Fun Unique Topping Choices:  Marshmallows,
Cherry Chips, Pretzel Pieces, Crushed Peppermint,
Mint Chocolate Chips, Sugar Beads & Sprinkles

A Tiered Storage Basket Made the Perfect Cupcake Stand

I gave a surprise birthday celebration for my husband with a 
possible 100 people coming so I needed lot's of food but
also needed to hide it from my husband.  It all
needed to be easily prepared and easy to set up quickly.

 Popcorn Bar

 Build Your Own Popcorn - Add Your Own Seasonings 

Unique Seasonings:  Cinnamon/Sugar, Cajun,
Cheddar, Ranch, Parmasean

I started with buttered popcorn from
Subway in the bags for easy prep.

I purchased seasonings from Dollar Tree & Walmart in the
spice sections (actual popcorn seasonings in popcorn aisle
was much more expensive).  My favorite was a ranch seasoning in 
an envelope used for salads, etc.

Punch Recipe: 1/2 gallon raspberry sherbert,
1 gallon fruit punch & 2 liters 7 up.
It wouldn't all fit in a punch bowl so we guessed
and it was delicious & easy!

This was a fun celebration with easy
to prepare food for many friends!


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Check Out this Cool Up-Cycling Project from Apron Strings and Favorite Things Blog

This used to be a stand to hold TV trays that was
antiqued and graphics added.  Now it's a lovely towel rack!

An old metal chair gets a new chic makeover!

Check out the link below to see the details!

Blessings to All!

Personalized Tumbler Glasses with Vinyl

Gift Ideas with Cricut Projects

My first try at cutting vinyl with my Cricut.
I love making practical gifts for friends/family &
creating something to let them know I care.

Cricut Settings used for vinyl
Pressure 3
Blade Depth 3
Speed 3

Lyrical Letters Cricut Cartridge used for Monogrammed Letters
This allows the vinyl to be cut but leaves the backing on
for easy removal of letters with tip of paper piercer
 or tip of exacto knife.

This is a great way to use small scraps of ribbon also.

Happy Crafting!


Hello Spring...So Long Winter!

Looking Forward to Sunnier Days

Anyone else really glad its Springtime?
I don't usually mind any of the seasons including Winter,
but I admit this has been a long Winter
and I'm so thankful Spring is here!

Winter brought many blessings to me
through times of health problems and resting
more than crafting, although I do have lots 
of ideas now to try out this Spring/Summer.

I look forward to seeing you in 
the blogging world once again
in these Sunnier Days of Spring!

God Bless!